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Kenco Racing Suspension including Commodore Sigma Struts Shocks Springs 65 Coil Over Coilover Kit Rod Ends Heims Neoprene Poly Hard Bushes Aluminium Hex Bar for Speedway Rally Drag Race Car Parts


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$ 25,00

5/8-1/2 Chrome Moly Rod R/H

Kenco Racing 5/8-12" RH ChroMoly Rod...
Product details
$ 27,50

3/4 - 1/2 Chrome Moly Rod L/H

Kenco Racing 3/4-1/2" LH ChroMoly Rod...
Product details
$ 39,00

Kenco 5/8" Left Hand Weld in Bung Rod End Kit

Kenco Racing Suspension Rod End Weld In...
Product details
$ 439,00

Kenco Holden 15x7 Aluminium Beadlock Rims

Kenco Holden 15x7 Aluminium Beadlock...
Product details
$ 109,00

Coil Over Kit with Top hats

Kenco Racing Commodore Sigma Strut Coil...
Product details
$ 2,50

5/8 UNF Jam Nuts L/H

Kenco Racing 5/8" L/H Jam Nuts Part No....
Product details
$ 49,00

VT VX VU VY VZ Commodore Inner Control Arm Bush Kit

Kenco Racing VT VX VU VY VZ Commodore...
Product details
$ 16,50

Kenco 3/4" Left Hand Multi Fit Weld in Bung

Kenco Racing Suspension Weld In Bung /...
Product details
$ 399,00

Kenco Short Series Strut Insert

Kenco Short Series Front invert Strut...
Product details
$ 22,00

1/2 ChroMoly Rod End R/H

Kenco Racing 1/2" RH ChroMoly Rod Ends...
Product details
$ 145,00

VT VX VU VY VZ Commodore Front K Frame Bushes

Kenco Racing VT VX VU VY VZ Commodore...
Product details
$ 75,00

2" 50mm Panhard Bracket

Kenco 2" 50mm Panhard Bracket Part No....
Product details

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