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About Us

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Kenco Racing is a Race Parts Supplier whose Vision is to Supply Quality Affordable Products To The Australian Speedway Industry and Beyond. The Project Started 12 months ago with extensive research and development been applied to these products and the appropriate Manufacturers to support this development sourced. The First product was launched some 6 months ago, and since has grown to a large array of Products to Support the Production Based Speedway Classes with more products continually being developed.

Due to the Overwhelming Support and feedback from customers within the Speedway Industry, Kenco Racing Products has approved the capital to build an online shop to support the growth of the business. Although the company is in early stages of developing products and a customer base, the strong support and demand from customers has fast tracked the companies business plan.

Spokesperson for the Company, Kent Shelford, was positive about the announcement, "It's been a very long and time consuming project with a high degree of research and funds involved before a release of any of our products. Our Mission of creating Quality affordable products to The Production Based Speedway Classes has come to life and the support has been great from a diverse customer base. Although our company is aware of the Pitfalls of going to big to quick, our customer base and the depth of products set to be launched in the coming months has driven the need for such investment to expand the Future Sales of the Business. The Online store will also have the capability to support sales to distributors when that side of the business comes to fruition. The Business is 100% Committed to Supplying their own Branded Products and supplying a product affordable to our customers needs into the future."

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